BAT not received in Uphold]

Hi, my last payout which was around for 1.7 BATs has not arrived to my wallet. I have refreshed and waited severals days. This is not the first time it has happened to me and it is kind of annoyoing. Please Help!

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Hey Mike,

I was also complaining regarding the same few days back. But somehow it got processed yesterday. As it shows, due to the vast number of users, it takes a little bit of more time than expected. Kindly wait for few more days (i.e 4-5 days) and update your comment again. \


Hi Satrajit,

Thanks for letting me know, I guess I will have to wait some extra days.

Sure Mike, If you still don’t receive, kindly do update here

Yes I also have same issue.

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Still no payment here either

Yes I also have same issue.

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