BAT to uphold account! (My BAT's disappeared now!)

Hello, I have 67.78 BAT from brave rewards. I didn’t touch it since 2 years. Now, I’ve verified my uphold account and want to know when will be 67.78 BAT sent?

Thanks for your help.

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Does your wallet appear as verified in your Brave Rewards panel/Rewards settings?

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Yes sir. But I made it today. Also it’s creator account. Here is the screenshot from my panel.

Also, thanks for quick reply. @Mattches

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If it is your Creator account, then you will need to wait until the payout process completes. You can track the payout progress at the top of the Community homepage:

Payment to Creators is done once a month.


What happened now @Mattches it says 0.00 BAT now?
What happened I don’t understand and why?

mail is:

Could you please check it and tell me what happened?

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Anyone here to help? My all earnings disappeared suddenly? @steeven
That’s impossible. I just verified my uphold account and all my earnings lost. How can I get them back?

It’s really interesting that It’s been there (67.68 BAT) since 2 years and when I verified my uphold account and all of my earnings gone. Really weird. That’s all I say.

You said that you were referring to your Creators account. Are you saying that you had this BAT in your browser wallet (not Creator channel), verified your browser wallet with Uphold and then the funds went to 0.0?

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When I was posting reply to you on here, I removed my youtube channel from creators account. Than all balance gone to zero. 0,00 BAT.

Couple minutes ago, I’ve added my youtube channel back and all funds came back. 67 BAT

I don’t know why but its look like a bug I guess @Mattches

Also, when it comes to your question;
I had this BAT at my creators account since 2 years. (
I verified my uphold account.

@macabreo was the BAT from contributions? It’s tied to the channel, so when you removed the channel from your account the expected behavior would be for the balance to be removed.

It sounds like you re-added and got it back, is that right?

It is right @steeven but I’m not sure if it is my old channel. Maybe I’ve added new one. As I told before, since 2 years that balance is there.

I hope it will be sent to my uphold account soon. :slight_smile:

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