Whatsapp Web is not working

It works at first, but somedays after, no more.

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Still not working.

Thank You very-very much!
It works!

Aqui funcionou perfeitamente, ja tinham uns bons dias que não encontrava solução, valeu!!

I got it to work after clearing data and resetting permissions for WhatsApp

After doing that you have to link Brave with Whatsapp again.

What I noticed is that if I update Whatsapp it stops working (only on Brave, on Chrome it works perfectly fine after updating)

thank u big bro! u the best!

Thanks for the tip, but still not working. The only solution that is working me is to reset all the configuration since the beginning and relink the whatsapp. Does anybody know when this is going to be solutioned?

Yes; disabling Hones solved it for me!

I get this screen everytime i close Brave and start again. It only happens in Brave. With FF and Edge the session is kept even if i restart the PC.

Turned off shields, enabled permissions, cleared cache, cookies, storage, and nothing seems to work

Reset the browser settings and WhatsApp will connect again.

09/08/2022 still not working

It continues working for me, but now I cannot edit images before sending them :sob:
As I do not want to be resetting the settings all the time the only solution I see is to use Whatsapp on a different browser… sucks though

Latest from the GitHub issue report linked below: Besides disabling Honey, may want to try disabling Use hardware acceleration when available at brave://settings/system.

I had the same issue for last week or so. Enabling the background sync seems to solve the problem and when thinking about that could be the one thing that is different with other browsers, Brave being the more secure alternative. I noticed that after restarting Brave whatsapp still works but the background sync was reset automatically back to “block (default)” which may explain why some people see WhatsApp Web not working after some time. I assume the background sync is only done when the device linking is confirmed after some days / weeks(?).

I really don’t want to make additional steps in Brave that i wouldn’t do in another chromium based browser. I love Brave for the excellent security but this thing is something that is unaceptable. Disable things, activate another just to make use of something that a lot of people is using. I think the browser should take care of this and make its internal adjustments to work with whatsapp web and another pages that everybody uses. I don’t know why whatsapp web works perfectly in chrome, edge and firefox (none of them really updated to its latest version) and here i have to read advises to disable things. I don’t have any extension installed nor enabled in Brave and had to switch to firefox to use whatsapp web.

This is something to be fixed.

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Hi every one
I signed up to post this.
I tried every single solution here and other sites but none solved the problem.

Did my own dive and the problem was “Internet Download Manager” extension.

Disabled it, cleared all browsing data and used CCleaner then Viola every thing works as it should be.

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This is really annoying, whatsapp is always having problems, either you cannot edit pictures when using Brave or whatsapp randomly stops working. Right now it will not start (but it does on Chrome). I cleared the data and reset permissions on whatsapp (I have no extensions enabled), and now it will not even show the QR code. I think this is a deal breaker, I feel I am always wasting my time to see how to fix something that is broken in Brave but works perfectly fine in other browsers. Also, I do not really understand the point really of these forums if nobody from the Brave team jumps in to say something about a problem that never goes away. Is their philosophy “let the users figure it out, we do not care”?

exactly and now with uphold not even supporting every country, brave is pretty much worthless, going back to google chrome or another

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1 month ago I posted this:

BRAVE TEAM: for goodness sake get on with it and “work arounds fixing settings” just doesn’t cut it tbh. This is meant to be simple for mere mortals (like me) not hackers (also like me but I don’t intend to make it my life’s work diagnosing splurgeware that has a paid maintenance team…)
Please go fix the default settings…
… with evidently no response from the Brave developers.

So how about this: either the developers respond HERE saying that this is work in progress, or I’m out.
It is pathetic that a developer team cant even be arsed to look at “customer” feedback.
Just not good enough guys.

Brave is open source software. As a maintainer of smaller open-source projects myself, I find these demands extremely entitled. If you are unhappy with an issue, you are more than welcome to download the source code from https://github.com/brave/brave-browser , fix the issue and either run your own locally built version of Brave or submit the patch back to the repository. The latter is preferred so that all users can benefit from your contribution, but isn’t required. If you are unable or unwilling to do that, then you’re at the mercy of other contributors to sacrifice their time in order to solve this, but there is no guarantee that this will happen. If you didn’t pay for the softare, you are not a ‘customer’. Even if you made a financial donation (if you did, thanks!), please check the terms and conditions and you will note that you are not entitled to just demand fixes. Keep in mind these are real people working on open-source software. Each with their own lives, families and careers of which priorities might change at any moment.