Whatsapp Web is not working

It works at first, but somedays after, no more.

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Still not working.

Thank You very-very much!
It works!

Aqui funcionou perfeitamente, ja tinham uns bons dias que não encontrava solução, valeu!!

I got it to work after clearing data and resetting permissions for WhatsApp

After doing that you have to link Brave with Whatsapp again.

What I noticed is that if I update Whatsapp it stops working (only on Brave, on Chrome it works perfectly fine after updating)

thank u big bro! u the best!

Thanks for the tip, but still not working. The only solution that is working me is to reset all the configuration since the beginning and relink the whatsapp. Does anybody know when this is going to be solutioned?

Yes; disabling Hones solved it for me!

I get this screen everytime i close Brave and start again. It only happens in Brave. With FF and Edge the session is kept even if i restart the PC.

Turned off shields, enabled permissions, cleared cache, cookies, storage, and nothing seems to work

Reset the browser settings and WhatsApp will connect again.

09/08/2022 still not working

It continues working for me, but now I cannot edit images before sending them :sob:
As I do not want to be resetting the settings all the time the only solution I see is to use Whatsapp on a different browser… sucks though

Latest from the GitHub issue report linked below: Besides disabling Honey, may want to try disabling Use hardware acceleration when available at brave://settings/system.

I had the same issue for last week or so. Enabling the background sync seems to solve the problem and when thinking about that could be the one thing that is different with other browsers, Brave being the more secure alternative. I noticed that after restarting Brave whatsapp still works but the background sync was reset automatically back to “block (default)” which may explain why some people see WhatsApp Web not working after some time. I assume the background sync is only done when the device linking is confirmed after some days / weeks(?).