Unable to use Brave to link laptop with web.whatsapp (but Chrome and FireFox work)

I used to be able to use WhatsApp in Brave, even when the shield was on.

But nowadays WhatsApp does not work on Brave. I tried disabling the shield, but that has no change.

Typically, the process stops after I scan the QR code with my mobile. It keeps showing me a “connecting” message. A “Log out” button is shown at bottom. The mobile shows “Logging in…” message. After a few seconds, the mobile times out and displays the following error: “Could not log in. Check your phone’s internet connection and scan the QR code again.” At the same time, the web.whatsapp.com aborts the linking cycle, and starts with a fresh QR code.

Chrome works fine. That means the problem is caused by the very recent change in Brave vis-a-vis Chrome.

Reporting for Windows 10 Home, 64 bits.

BTW I did search for duplicate bugs, but found no other issue that’s open. I found several issues which are closed because there was no activity for 30 days.

But none of them mentioned that WhatsApp does work with Chrome. Therefore I hope that this issue would not be dismissed as duplicate.

BTW Chrome and FireFox work properly with WhatsApp. But Brave happens to be my favorite browser, and I do not wish to switch to other browsers just for the sake of using WhatsApp.

Did you see this topic? It appears to be similar (same?) to yours. A workaround is posted but there are other workarounds you can try.

Although this topic was for a Linux OS, the workarounds listed are pretty generic and can be tested on any OS.

External article linked in the above post that may be helpful.

Topic below is the most active topic per issues surrounding WhatsApp and may help.

I suggest you try the workarounds and see if any of them solve your issue. Post an update listing what you tried and the results even if the workaround did not work especially if anything changes.

You should also see if working in Brave Beta and/or Nightly. Brave may be working in the background on this issue and any fixes will probably be released in those versions first.

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