WhatsApp web don´t work in Brave Browse!

Hi, I don’t to get connect the Brave with the WhatsApp web! I think, the browser have some bug!! In the Chrome browse the WhatsApp web work well!!

Could you give any information regarding the error message shown or screenshot.

The browser show this information!

I can confirm same is happening with me as well.

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Same here.

To reproduce:

  1. In a browser, Go to web.whatsapp.com - it displays a QR code to scan on the phone
  2. On the phone, load WhatsApp and go to Linked Devices
  3. On the phone, press “LINK A DEVICE” and scan the QR code from the web browser
  4. The browser then starts the “Logging in” page and hangs there for a while
  5. After a bit, it complains that there’s an error and to check the computer’s internet connection
  6. The phone also shows a spinner for a while and does something similar (except it says to check the phone’s internet connection)
  7. Clicking “Logout” on the web just shows another page that says "Don’t close

So, it seems like it’s working but never completes the process to actually log in via the browser.


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This is not a ‘solution’ per se, and I hope one is found, but for those users on Windows 10 (maybe 11 too, not sure) there is an actual Windows app in the Microsoft Store that works nicely and is not dependent on the browser. You just install it using the Store app.

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Right! But I wanted use it in the browser! In the Chrome browser it works so good!!

Try disabling Brave shield ,
Sometimes it can produce issues like this.

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Good idea! I did this and I wait it work without “bugs” now!!

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