What is the Meaning of Ad "Confirmations"?

I couldn’t think of a better word for “Confirmations” because I saw it in a related google search while trying to find an answer to my question.

To clarify, I’m talking about what you see in each box in your “7-day Ads History”. It’s found on the Brave Rewards page (brave://rewards) under the “Ads” heading in the bottom right corner of the box. The “Confirmations” I’m talking about are: “Viewed”, “Clicked”, and “Dismissed”. (At least, these are the three that I’ve gotten, but I’ve seen “Landed” in that google search I mentioned.)

I’ve been trying to purposefully recreate each result whenever I get an ad for the past few hours, but all I can get are “Clicked” (by clicking the ad, obviously), and “Dismissed” (by clicking the “Close” button on my Windows 10 notification)

My questions regarding these “Confirmations” are:

  1. What does “Viewed” mean, as I’ve already figured out how to replicate the other two.
  2. Do these Confirmations have any bearing on my BAT rewards at all

Thanks for any help in advance.

Hello @hylic

it mean you just saw/watched the ads without click on it or dismiss it by click x so you let it there till it get disappear by it self

all case give you the same amount of reward the only thing that if you dissmissed same ads twice in a row in during certain amount of time (i forget how much) then this ads will not show up again for 48 hours

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply,

Sorry to correct you on your answer to my own question, but I was finally able to replicate the “Viewed” status by, like you said, letting it sit there for awhile. However, not to the point it went away on it’s own (I wasn’t even sure it ever went away on its own), I clicked the “Close” button about 30s to a minute after it came on screen. I’ve now done this three times in a row so I’m pretty sure about this.

Thanks again for your reply though! Glad to hear it doesn’t affect BAT and thanks for the tip about ads not showing up if you dismiss them too much!

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you welcome @hylic

it’s ok do not be sorry and you are right

and for dismiss it mean you close it in very short time maybe like press esc in the moment it show up

you very welcome and thank for you for correcting me :slight_smile:

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Actually, after some more testing, I think you’re pretty much right. While there have been a few times where I could click close and have it be counted as “Viewed”, I now think it was something of a fluke, because after trying it several more times I think there was only maybe two times it counted it as “Viewed”, while the rest of them were “Dismissed”.

I think you have to time it perfectly, like, wait until the last few seconds before the notification disappears and then click close, perfectly. There’s really no point, and you might as well wait until it disappears (which, again, I thought it never would disappear, which is the angle I was coming from this whole time).

However, I don’t know why I’m so concerned about this, like you said, none of this even matters, because as you said, BAT is awarded all the same. I guess I just want them to be counted as “Viewed” just in case people are wrong about that and you do get more for “Viewing” them over “Dismissing” them. Which, even if I’m right, we’re talking a few extra cents here, so even then it really doesn’t matter lmao.

Anyways, this is the last time I’ll post in this pointless, silly thread, and thankfully for you the last time you’ll get a notification for it.

Good day!

you very welcome and you can keep asking and send me as much notification as you like

and thanks a lot and you too have a great day :slight_smile:

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