How are Brave ad views/clicks counted/determined?

I have been viewing brave ads but only some are counted as viewed while the rest are counted as clicked. I have viewed every ad I have received. How are viewed ads determined/counted and how are clicked ones counted/determined?(And yes, I looked for similar topics)

Viewed ads are simply ads that you let disappear after like 2 minutes of not doing anything. Clicked ads are the ones you actually engaged with and clicked on them. If you press the X button on the ad it will show as dismissed. Either way you receive the BAT regardless of the outcome. Except, not entirely sure on this, but if you dismiss ads, not sure if eventually they stop serving those ads to you or not.

I really get it either way? I thought it had to be viewed to count.

And does viewed and clicked get counted differently when it comes to the currency?

You do get it for viewing it, viewing it just means it came on your screen as an ad. I think you are thinking of clicking on it and scrolling through that new tab that opens up, in which case you do not need to do that. There is no option that comes up as not viewed/missed etc. So you could receive an ad when you pop out of the room and come back and it is gone, it will still show as viewed in your 30 days ad history.

Take a look at my screenshot, the lustre for brave ad I did nothing to. I let it disappear on its own. It still shows as viewed. Notice the one above it for amber app, that one I actually clicked on. Either outcome, you still receive the BAT for it. Hope that helps some.
And to add to what you asked no the currency does not change depending on whether you view or click on it. It is only predetermined on whatever that ad value was. Check here for ad values to better understand what some are worth.

Thank you for clarifying.

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