Rewards transparency

I need some clarification regarding ads. Brave says that ads count as being viewed just by popping up on your screen, so I’m wondering, after viewing my ad history and seeing that a lot of ads are labelled as “dismissed”, some “viewed” and some “clicked” what actually constitutes a dismissed ad? What action does a user have to take to make an ad be labelled as dismissed? And do you still receive BAT for dismissed ads?

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You do not — you can find lots of information like this on our Help Center.

  • Viewed means it was able to appear on your device successfully. This is all that’s required to earn BAT.

  • Clicked means you clicked on it. You get nothing for clicking on ads, but it does report to the advertiser that it was clicked on and they use it to determine clickthrough rate, which represents the proportion of users who were interested in their ad.

  • Dismissed means you closed the ad notification. Again, this is just extra feedback to know you saw the ad and interacted with it, but most likely just weren’t interested.

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