Another question ... Rewards Settings question?

In the Rewards settings, you can see the last 7-days of the “ads” I have gotten. When looking through this list, what is meant by " Clicked" and “Viewed”. “Dismissed” is self-explanatory. And what are the Up/Down icons for? Do I get rewards for “Clicked” or “Viewed” or both?

You click the notification (ads) – it’ll open a new tab for that ad campaign.

You only see the notification but not click it.

You’ll get paid for “Viewed”.

So we only get credited for “viewed”? That seems like it’s backwards then according to your explanation. Just seeing the notification but not clicking to see the ad, seems counter-productive.

@eljuno is correct. You are Rewarded simply for having the notification served to you. We always encourage users to engage in any Ads that interest them of course :slight_smile:

More information here:

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