First day out - newbie questions

Hello again.
Following on from a previous newbie post - new user and a few totally newbie questions

Today i made my first foray into being Brave and a few hours watching and learning.

I get a little popup. ive got it a few times now so i am assuming this is how the ads work. Is that the actual ad i have signed up to view?

Ad interaction
3 types of interaction with ads - viewed, clicked and dismissed.
If i click on an ad (clicked), does a vist to the advertisers website get me more BAT?
If i click close on an ad (dismissed), does the fact ive read it and dismissed it still count towards BAT?
If I do nothing to on an ad (viewed), how does that effect my BAT?

I can see in my Brave rewards i am earning some BAT. The 7 day ad history button opens a summary of the ads ive seen. Do i have to actually do anything on this ad history page - do i need to like or dislike an ad, do i need to love it or not? Does that change the BAT i earn? Or is this page used by the dev’s simply as feedback to the advertisers?

It appears they popop onto my desktop with Brave open but minimised. So i guess as long as Brave is open i can still get the popups.

I got a great answer from a community member last time so i hope another person will be just as generous with an answer. TIA

Clicking or not is irrelevant: you get BATs as soon as you receive an ad (assuming everything is working properly…); what you do afterwards doesn’t change anything.

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