What happening with bat rewards?

its better with it being worth 5X the amount it was. There are definetly growing pains here but the idea is a great one! Also earning a passive income here wont make you rich but you get $0 elsewhere…did read Twitter thinking about giving users BTC to tip…so the idea is gaining traction in other ways as well

When it works, it’s great.
You can have some kind of more income through the app Pi and the website Gooddollar (you have to go there everyday to collect). Bear in mind though, these are not valuable and tradeable yet.

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Ive been doing Pi and Bee, but assume both are worthless but you never know

For now it’s an investment. The moment they are traded, they will have value, but yes, technically for now they are worthless. didn’t know about bee…

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try bee

Here is my invitation link for BEE Network. Use the invitation code: brittanbrown. Download at https://bee.com/en/download

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Thanks mate : ) I will