What happening with bat rewards?

My topic about rewards was closed but they didn’t solve the problem. I DM the dev but until today no more answers. what is happening?

I didn’t receive my bats from august…


Same, missing approx 3 BAT… no show in browser wallet, or gemini.

No way to track where they went.


And another issue is that i see the ads but don’t get bats. it’s frozen!
it’s the same with you?

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Many are having the same issue, my case was also closed, although I am getting replies via DM, still waiting on a resolution.

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I have 3 devices. Mobile and Laptop all appear to be working, I was able to claim rewards from Laptop to Gemini. Mobile doesn’t have a Gemini link feature that I can see, and the amount of rewards is too low to claim to create an uphold wallet.

Desktop is where my issues are coming from. Since last update I am no longer seeing Ads nor was I able to see where my claimed rewards went to.

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Same here, been using Brave almost all of august, was supposed to get almost an entire BAT sept 7, still nothing. I still see all the ads though. If I don’t get anything Oct 7 I’m ditching this browser and going back to Chromium.

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Same here. Also unlinked my verified wallet, cant reverify until accumulate all over again. Also saw next payment date moved forward today to dec 31.

same @steeven reply my dm

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There are VERY few Brave staff and THOUSANDS of users requesting help (plus hundreds more just complaining and whining, taking up valuable staff time), so please be patient. Just because your thread is closed doesn’t mean they’ve closed your case. Keep watching your DMs (direct messages) for communication from the staff.


he didn’t reply me… so i have no answer…

Be patient. The staff get thousands of requests for help. It may take a while for him to get to yours.

Same here, but since OCTOBER 2020 (!!!)

same issue… not longer earning and payment dates moving up and up

Same here since March 2021.

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Exactly! I have the same problem

Is it possible that it has something to do with the fact that the different computers with brave installed access the internet with the same ip address?

I don’t even receive ads anymore, much less BAT. I gave up at this point. It’s a good browser, but concerning BAT, you get ads + BAT for a month or two after a clean install, and then it’s over.
I refuse to reinstall all my extensions and reconfig ALL my search engines, shortcuts, and extension preferences AGAIN.
I don’t even have sync activated or rewards in multiple devices, which could complicate things.
Use and enjoy the browser normally, because if you use it just for the BAT, then I have bad news for you…

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I have reached that conclusion as well, browser is OK, BAT rewards program blows chunks, the idea is great, if only it worked

I am a new user and so far once I linked a new gemini account, I got my Gemini Rewards (5 free), and BAT rewards for Sept with no problems besides the waiting game.
That said my BAT disappeared a few times then came back, and then transfer for Sept was posted on Rewards summary after they disappeared at the start of month. That was a good fix, but then that disappeared as they were transferred but I did get them. They are now earning interest on Gemini

I only have uphold, and before that we didn’t have to get any trader account and instead just received the BATs on the browser… BAT wasn’t worth much, but oh, those were the days…

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