Still no rewards

Once again, I have not received any BAT payments this month. My wallet is linked to Gemini and verified. I receive ads and accumulate rewards normally otherwise. I was previously linked to Uphold and before linking my wallet could receive and claim rewards normally in the browser. Help is appreciated.


I also have just checked and I have not been recieving rewards for the past few months depsite using the browser every day, recieving ads and having my Uphold connected.

Bumping my topic. It seems to be a common problem.

Me too… no rewards for month November, can someone help us?

I had my BAT (along with passwords) erased last month. Brave, explanation?

Me too. I have had Brave only linked to Gemini, I have received rewards August, Sept, Oct, Nov. Although any details in the statement transactions are only there from Sept and August (I think this was before I linked and verified Gemini).
November payments are marked as completed, but I haven’t received mine.

Hello I have verified Uphold account connected to my Mac and Windows OS. For Mac BAT deposit date was December 8th and for Windows December 7th. Unfortunately today is December 13th and i didn`t recived any BAT on my Uphold account. On Mac i had estimated 0.339 BAT and on Windows estimated 0.79 BAT. Please advise

Same. I haven’t been earning any BAT despite having ads on (10 per hour) and seeing ads. I was receiving 5-9 BAT/month up in my Uphold account until a few months ago. I started using Brave in beta and it works, since I have it connected too, but I’ve missed out on a few months of BAT. I was receiving it fine for many months.

Also, oddly, when I click ads history, it shows the ads I’ve seen and clicked. So, why no BAT if the browser shows that I’ve viewed ads? Also says next payout is Feb 7th. Not sure if this is correct, but that’s 2 months away.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 12.55.55 PM

Same here, no reward count stuck to 0. account verified with uphold. whats going on ? how can we fix this ?

The threads would stop if the problem was at least explained. At this point I’m not even concerned with getting back the lost BAT so much as figuring out why it never arrived in the first place.

Hi to all and welcome to Community :smiley:

We are sorry to hear that Gemini users are still running into this issue.
Can you please DM me your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals) and I can have a closer look.
Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone thanks for your patience. We are working on a fix and this will be resolved in the next 24hrs.
If you have sent a DM stay tuned until the fix is resolved.