No BAT received so far/ads no longer show up/my BAT is gone


I have been using Brave on my laptop since October. All was going well and I thought I would start receiving my BAT in November but it is now December and I have yet to receive a single reward.
On top of that I tried creating a Gemini wallet but ran into some problems so I gave up. I don’t know if it’s related or not but all my accumulated BAT are gone.
Coincidentally, or not, I stopped receiving ads around that same time. I have one ad viewed in 30 days.

Can you please help me figure out what’s happening?



Have you checked in the reward settings to ensure ads are still turned on?

I believe they are later this month with processing BAT rewards and are working on fixes today.

It may be worth restarting or updating your browser, or (depending on your computing habits) restarting your machine as there may be a simple bug.

Hope you can get this sorted soon


I even increased the number of ads just to be safe but nothing happened.

I reset the browser, restarted the PC, all that’s left is uninstall and install again.

Also if I have 3 devices synced, shouldn’t I get the cumulative rewards?

Thank you for the suggestions :wink:

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