I still did not revived BAT this month

Usually 10th of every month my earned BAT will be added to my wallet but this month my friends were got there but still, I am not getting any BAT which earned and also I checked my statement it is showing 0 in it but I had almost 3 BAT. What should I do?


I was supposed to get 3.5 BAT, and Gemini payments have supposedly been process. I have yet to receive my BAT.

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This is a very widespread issue on this community and on reddit. I dont believe they have discovered the issue, or if they have already, they may be trying to coerce people into their own wallet or perhaps, might be doing this on purpose. I am surprised that a lawsuit has not been filed already regarding it, though it would be petty to do it for such a small amount of BAT lol. Which is likely the reason why it has not happened, as this has been a recurring theme for multiple months now. Not sure what the issue is, but whatever it says for rewards amount, just assume you will not receive it.

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Payouts are currently still processing, as it shows on the top of the Community page. Please wait until the process has fully finished before assuming something is wrong.


Do you see the problem here?

if on gemini I just got mine I think it was Sunday! They always show up just like they are suppose too!

I didn’t receive my BAT rewards in November, December nor January. What gives?

Same Problem Here, I didn´t receive my bats for December.

Since the Brave update with the new Brave Rewards card UI I haven’t earned any BAT on my desktop. My laptop seems to still earn, but I use the desktop much more often and haven’t earned anything for weeks. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling rewards, I’ve reinstalled Brave, but still no matter what I do or how many ads I see, the BAT does not increase.

If this is happening to millons of users, I can´t imagine the amount of money involved.

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This month’s Brave Reward has not been received even though the Uphold Payment Status is Completed

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