Weird black screen with hardware acceleration enabled

Description of the issue: You can see it in the video, not only Youtube as well. It happens every time so it is easy to replicate

Expected result: No black screen

Brave Version( check About Brave):1.42.97

Actually I find a way to temporarily fix the issue. You can enter chrome://flags/#use-angle and change DX version, in my case Dx9 and OpenGL solve the issue. But I want to know why this issue happens in the first place. I just bought the system, so if the GPU is faulty, I can change it. Help really appreciated, thank you.

edit. My graphics card is Zotac 3060 TwinEdge

Hi @_JFM welcome to Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Does this happen when you have Hardware Acceleration disabled?


Check if driver is up-to-date.

Hey, thank you.

No it doesn’t happen, either HW disabled or the settings I mentioned above.

Hey, whole system, windows, drivers all new and updated as much as possible.


Try this

Reinstalling Brave, as follows, might resolve the issue: Open brave://settings/help, Click on ‘Version’, download setup then insall Brave
Open brave://settings/help again, then click on Relaunch.

Thanks for trying to help but as I said everything is new/updated already. I reinstalled 2 days ago

Hey, any idea about what might be the issue?

Did disabling Hardware Acceleration address the issue?

Yes, I have to either disable HW Acceleration or I need to change ANGLE setting I mentioned above

Sorry for tagging you again, but we are considering this a solution?

Hi @_JFM apologies for the delay,

Yes it appears that Hardware acceleration might have been the issue here that was causing that black screen to appear. This is fairly common especially on Youtube.
I can’t think of what else it might be if everything is fresh and updated on your device.

What I am trying to understand is… that means my GPU is faulty?

Be alert. Don’t forget

Well, my monitor was pretty old and I bought a new one which fixed the problem.

I am not sure monitor itself was the problem or some kind of interaction between GPU etc. but this is what it is.

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