Hardware Acceleration Dilemma

Hi, when hardware acceleration is on youtube and videos appear to be black but the sound is still on. Also the browser freezes for a bit before the black screen disappears. When I turn off hardware acceleration this issue is fixed for the most of time, but turning it off causes street view to be laggy. What should I do? I’m on Windows 10

Hey @Phenomenal1,

Would you mind trying to create a new test profile (ensure you close the original profile window you had open), enable hardware acceleration on this new profile and test it out for a bit, then try it with the feature turned off, and report what else you might find.

Also, can you also verify what version of Brave you’re using?

Current version is 1.24.84. I will try with a test profile

I found out when the problem occurs. The black screen happens when PC screen is turned off automatically after a certain time (from the Power and Sleep settings on Windows) and not necessarily only when it goes to sleep mode. I tried with a clean test profile with hardware acceleration on and off. Both times the screen got black and the browser froze, but video was still playing in the background. Street view will still lag when hw acceleration is off.

Hi @Phenomenal1, Welcome to Community!
Jumping in here - I’m a little confused, can you please elaborate?
Is this black screen an OS issue and not with Brave?

Honestly, I’m not sure! But youtube felt less buggy with the test profile even though I dont have any extensions on my main profile too. Cause youtube feels buggy when I’m signed in with my google account.

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