WebView on Samsung Dex displays only partial page

Description of the issue:
When Brave (and Brave beta) are set as the default browser, opening a link in a webview window (as opposed to the main browser window) causes only a part of the page to load. It seems like the loaded part is roughly the size of the phone screen rather than the size of the webview used.
The rest of the window is just white. Clicking “Open in Brave” from the menu opens the page in the main browser window, but it still only displays the partial page.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Set Brave as the default browser
  2. Open a link in another application that uses WebView (I tried Sync for reddit and telegram)
  3. This should cause the page to open up in a webview, displaying only a partial page

Expected result:
Full page to be displayed

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave beta 1.38.75

Mobile Device details
Samsung Fold 3 attached to a 1440p display using a HDMI hub, running Dex. The phone is running Samsung OneUI4.1

Additional Information:
I tried this while running Dex on a tablet, without an external screen. In that configuration it appears to load the full page, so it’s quite likely that this is somehow related to the phone screen resolution.

As a follow-up, it looks like even opening a link from another tab in brave causes the partial rendering, making the browser somewhat unusable on DeX

Attaching some imgaes of this.
The problem persists after selecting open in brave, and seems to be tied to the tab, or at least until the tab is returned to the home page (using the home button). Loading a new url without going to the home screen leaves the window only partially rendered.

As for settings, this occurs on a fresh install of brave/brave beta/brave nightly.

@8bitBagel ,

I’ll give it a try, but ive had this happen even when opening a link in a new tab from inside the browser. Its a less reliable repro however.

I already had the latest webview, but i tried force updating it and also installed the webview beta from google, neither of which resolved the problem.

Looks like this might have gotten resolved. It seems fixed as of 1.39.84

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