Samsung Dex experience

I’m liking this browser over the regular Chrome. I’ve tried this in DEX mode on my Samsung and the experience is not bad. Would be nice if the browser can detect if in DEX mode and switch to desktop view as opposed to the default Mobile view. I’m ok with switching manually for now in the settings.

I’d also like to see tabs in the DEX view for better tabbing experience.

Thank you.


@Justanotherguy thank for the feature request. Welcome to the community. @mattches or @dan_brave would take it from here

Agreed. Would be great to have developer options as well. Even simple ones like those offered in the “Droid Web Inspector” app. I do all my web development on Dex now.

Also: Aside from the fact that the “Copy, Edit, Share” buttons on the address bar do not work under Dex mode, they really don’t even need to be there. Would be much nicer if I could just edit the address bar as usual.

There are times when a textarea field on a website will take backspace as the back button and other keys as hotkeys. Not sure why it does this or if it is even Brave related.

Would be excellent to see a permanent zoom feature. I would like to be able to set the zoom (not text size) to 150 percent and have it stay that way for all sites and sessions. I am using the HP Elite LapDock in Dex mode and the resolution makes everything tiny.

Along those same lines I would like to be able to set “Desktop mode” as a permanent feature across all sites and sessions.

Thank you!!

I would love to see this too, DeX needs brave as an officially supported browser.

Please add support for Samsung Dex and especially their multiple instances feature thereby can open multiole brave windows.That would enhance the browsing experience.Right now cant open multiple windows and switch between them :disappointed: