Brave mobile shows a black screen when opening new private tab using samsung Dex on PC

Description of the issue: every time I open the brave browser in DEX Mode The Screen goes black but You can still type things into the search bar, undo and redo tabs, open the menu ect but doesnt display in private tabs.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open brave into Samsung Dex in windows or Mac
  2. new private tab

Expected result:
Black screen in any size window minimized or maximized only does this on samsung DEX PC version. i dont think this can be reproduced when streaming DEX to a wireless display or DEX Dock.

Brave Version: Brave 1.41.100, chromium 103.0.5060.134

Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy S9 Running Android 10; Build /QP1A.190711.020

Additional Information:
brave tracer file
this issue can also be recreated in both Beta and nightly builds

You really need to update that. The newest version for Android is 1.42.97. So would be worth checking if it fixes in that update. And just a FYI, they should be rolling out 1.43 on the 30th. (which will be some very good improvements).

Kind of curious if yours is anything similar to this that I found on Reddit:

I just noticed this recently. Anytime I open a Chrome browser in Dex, my phones screen has to be on. If it is off or times out the window in chrome will also go black and will only come back if I open my phone.

I’m guessing yours is perhaps something a bit more than that, but figured I’d ask if there’s any correlation just in case.

Beyond that, while researching, came across some of this:

Samsung DeX on PC is based on the screen share feature and requires the Allow Screen Capture policy to be enabled for Android Enterprise devices.

On my Samsung Galaxy S9 updated to Android 10 Google Chrome isn’t usable, screen stays black, clicking somewhere, opening new tabs, nothing really works.

I figured out that this occurs with the latest Chrome Version 80.0.3987.87. When deinstalling the Chrome Update and so Chrome is on Version 78.0.3904.96 Chrome works fine again.

And, of course, is Samsung’s big thing about troubleshooting at

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