Help with random large font size in Brave browser on Android phone

I upgraded my android phone, old phone was 3 years old.
I was using brave just fine on the old phone, new phone has one issue I can’t seem to find a solution for.
Web pages have random large fonts that should not be there.
See pic.
How do I get the same small size font on the entire webpage?

Motorola one 5G UW Ace
Android Version 11

@IAShooters ,

Good example of how Brave Support requests that you make a report:

You might include at least 2 additional screenshots - particularly of Internet (www) website web pages where you find the issue.

Your existing sceenshot, appears to be for an administrative web page of a network router, or a website with such a web page.

When you write “See pic” - you need to specify where in the pic, and mention, in your example, what fields such large font info is located.

Please test your Brave Browser cache / data / history clearing
. . . and settings that may apply to your issue. Report what you tested and results.

Where did you find the Brave Browser installer, and how did you install it?

I think your reply somehow went to the wrong thread, and this isn’t my screenshot. I’ll attach a screenshot to the original bug report.

@8bitBagel ,

Tx, but I meant to apply here (for @IAShooters ), an example of a good report that you made . . .

heh, sorry, my bad. I wasn’t sure why i ended up getting notified.

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