Browser becomes unresponsive after screen times out while using Dex

While using Samsung Dex software and the Brave browser is open, all functions appear to be normal. However, once the screen times out and goes black or is turned off manually, the browser appears to partially freeze / become unresponsive.

Clicking to a previously open tab or attempting to launch a new web page will show the progress and the url update bu the page view will not change. Scrolling and other aspects of the page will not update.

I made note of this error in 1.6.2 and was able to revert to 1.6.0 and the issue did not occur.

I am using a Samsung S10+ with One UI version 2.0 on Android version 10.

Not sure what Samsung Dex software is for. Could you add a little more info on that? Does Chrome also have the same behaviour with Samsung Dex?

The Dex software allows for emulation of the phone on a computer to utilize the phone as a pseudo-workstation. Basically, when connected to a computer a windowed UI that allows for desktop usage of application and access to documents. Applications can be launched and run while the phone’s screen is powered off to save battery.

I have not tested Chrome but other applications appear to keep functioning as expected. Other browser applications do not respond the same as Brave is currently. And to repeat, this was not the case for Brave until the latest updates.

This seems to suggest me that the problem is with Samsung Dex software where in it is not able to handle browsers. If it was just with Brave then we can try narrowing it down but as you said all other browsers are having the same issue. It would be good to check if Chrome behaves the same way as well. If it doesn’t then we need to check whats differing between Chrome and Brave with that application

I think you misunderstand. When using other browsers, the screen can time out and the browsers still functions. When using Brave version 1.6.0, the screen can time out and the browser will still function. When using the most current version of Brave (1.6.2), the screen times out and the browser becomes unresponsive. I re-enabled Chrome to test and when the screen times out, the browser in Dex will continue to work. So it appears to me that something in changed between Brave version 1.6.0 to 1.6.2 that prevents the application from updating when the screen is not active while using Dex.

Ok so based on this here’s my understanding. Chrome and other browsers continue to work even in Dex even if the mobile device screen locks but Brave starts to become unresponsive when this happens. Since Chrome works we can now narrow down to whats causing it in Brave. Do you have sync and Rewards enabled on Brave?

No I have not enable either.

Enabling sync or rewards appears to not affect the issues. After updates, the issues continues to exist. This issue appears to be related to chromium based browsers. Chrome browser will force the phone’s screen to come back on when using Dex. Firefox functions normally with the screen on or off. The default “internet” app for Dex is only available when in Dex mode and works with the screen on or off. I am hoping to find a solution so I can keep an up-to-date application and still use it in Dex without losing my battery.

Same problem to report on my side - also an issue with the latest version of chrome.

Temporary solution is to enable the “flow pointer to phone screen” setting in dex

When moving cursor to right of screen, phone screen is used and brave and chrome responds again…

Please solve this as it is a major issue for users of Brave on DeX

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