Website displaying bug


Your browser diaplays totally wrong the following webpage -

Chrome displays it perfectly.

Brave adds a horizontal browsing bar and mixes some menus in the middle of the home page.

I’m using version 1.5.4 on Android 8 (samsung galaxy s7)

Please fix it.

Can re-test this site? (maybe screenshot comparison). I couldn’t see any difference with Chrome and Brave.

This is how it looks on Brave.

Okay I was testing on Desktop previously, here is a screenshot from my One Plus 6;

Maybe clear the cookies? Or maybe the zoom is set incorrectly?

The same bug occurs on Opera latest version.

Chrome and other tested browsers display it correctly.
How can I get in touch with someone from technical dept to look into this issue?
I’ve sent an email and I was redirected here.
Now here I am said it’s nothing wrong…

Maybe report the details via but I couldn’t reproduce it (see my screenshot). Could test in Brave Beta maybe?

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