Website is unverified, after it was verified

My site was verified for a while and now it’s no longer verified. Is there anything that changed? I even went through the verification process again to try, still not working.

My SIte is

My uphold account is connected and verified. Is there anything else I’m missing?

Yes it has been happening for 3 weeks now, they are working on a fix.

Just out of curiosity, which country did you verify with when you connected to Uphold? Is it in a supported region as you see listed at

Yes, I meant to add that. I’m in the United States, not NY.

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Hello @soundsnerdy

Thanks for reaching out to Brave Support. Please submit a ticket to the Brave Rewards Support form:

From there a Support Agent can look further into the matter.

Have a great day!

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Ok. So like creator1 mentioned, I know they have been looking into a few different issues.

Then as Alice shared, probably would help if you did a support ticket. The only thing I’ll adapt is they gave you a default link where you have to choose from the drop down box. It works, if you click on it and do it. I just usually go one step further and link to the specific form you need to complete (which just saves you a click or two), which would be for Creators. So if you want, use the hyperlink here to do a Creator’s Support Ticket


We’re making big progress on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. As long as you’re eligible to be a verified creator (, we’ll get it fixed.

I’ll also give your site to our Creators team, and they may be able to do a one-off fix quickly for you too, so keep your eyes out.

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You’re good to go now. Your site shows up as verified @soundsnerdy!


Thank you for looking into this and fixing it.

Same as my website, anyone can help me? I can’t send tip at the moment!

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