Sites not showing as verified - same problem sometimes ago

I have verified my sites, and they have show as verified before, but now they are not showing as verified.
the last time that it happend @steeven gave me a solution
this is the channels

They’re working on the issue.

my account was flagged and now unflagged, but my website still says unverified creator. How do I resolve this?

They are still working on this issue of where verified creators show up as unverified.

That is where I got the info;

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  1. Are you with Uphold or Gemini?
  2. When you log in to, does it show you any notices in your account?

I am on Gemini now. Before Uphold.
No, Gemini is connected, website is linked, payment is pending.
But when I go on my website it shows unverified creator

I got same problem, looklike just gemini users got this problem, showing unverfied too

being unverified although we are - does it mean we can’t get paid or will it still work?

at first, my country, Argentina is out of list on verifying brave rewards (but in Final of world cup!! :grinning:)
1.- uphold
2- Yes, this is the screen capture
Cap brave creator

I was receiving rewards from creator program after the Brave aplied New Region Restrictions as the activities reports show in my uphold wallet (capture)
uphold activities
I hope you can solve if it is possible or an explanation about this issues
Thanks and regards

Same issue here. As of today my channels are showing as unverified.
Connection to Uphold is established and no errors are displayed.

I am on the same boat.

Same issue here. Showing unvarified even though the site has been verified forever.

same thing happening here

I am wating for an explanation at least yet…

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Hi, I am wating for a help or explanation. yet

If you’re seeing this:


Can you please press “Disconnect”, and then connect to your Uphold account again? Then see if it shows any errors? Thanks.

If it shows no errors, then: wait up to 24h (and also press the “Refresh” button when checking your channel verification status) for your channel’s verification status to update.

Argentina is supported for Uphold at this time according to this list:

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Hi chriscat
I can login to uphold but couldn’t connect Brave Rewards wtih Uphold an now I will try to solve the issue with uphold support and I will report here when I have any solution

If you know any post in the community seems like this let me know. I will wait to uphold support

@ricardodn I recently had the same problem with my creator account and Uphold. Uphold told me it was Brave end and submitting a ticket to Brave didn’t help me (dismissively saying Uphold was fixed and didn’t respond again after I told them it wasn’t). So I resorted to DIY and it worked. Here’s here’s what I did:

  1. Click the Brave triangle to tip there’s a little refresh icon beside where its currently showing unverified. If refreshing doesn’t fix, try next step.
  2. Check the address on your Uphold user profile matches the address on the ID you used to verify your Uphold account. Note you can change the address but not the country without reverifying.
  3. Check that the location on your Brave browser also matches the location on your Uphold verification ID (this likely makes no difference but just in case).
  4. Once everything matches, try to connect again.

I think creator accounts might be linking to the address on your Uphold user profile and not your ID. Everything matched up for me except #2. Once I fixed that, I could connect again. Hope it works for you too! :blush:

@Thrive @chriscat Thank you for your interest to help me.
I recently opened a ticket in uphold support because I can’t login from Brave Rewards (i am unverified right now)
it is not only about creators program, I can’t connect to uphold wallet. when I am trying, pop up a message
“Error: Uphold account with limited functionality
According to Uphold, your Uphold account has some limitations at this time. Log in to Uphold and see if you have any pending notices or account requirements. Then try again. For example, Uphold may need more information from you.”
well, I hope to solve this issue as soon as possible

@Thrive About your advice, the first step that you indicate, obviously don’t work and the other steps, I couldn’t understand how to do
probably I am a little bit dumb, haha, and I need more accuracy (also others in my same level of knowledgment) but again, thanks a lot!!

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