Website Unverified


My site is now showing unverified . Did the UK lose support?

I suspect this is a(nother) bug, that has reared its head today. Perhaps to do with the latest release of Brave. 3 out of 5 of my channels now appear unverified, but 2 are verified. You’d think it would be all or nothing.

Furthermore, your website appears verified in older installations of Brave. As seen here using Version 1.40.109. Likewise, all my channels appear verified (5 of 5) in the older version of Brave.

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@sneakyuk Do you have your Creators linked to Gemini or Uphold?

Also, I’m guessing perhaps related to the announcement I’ll link below:

Well, that’s interesting. So yeah, you may be right about it being a bug as well. We’ll tag @steeven and @chriscat in case. But I’ll also say that if you have issues regarding Creators (for anything but suspensions), you should submit a Creator’s Support Ticket

Yep have it connected to Uphold

Even “” shows unverified to me. Very interesting bug.

@Mattches ?