Creator Showing Unverified

I was a verified creator a week ago , but now it is not showing me UNverified and my creator account is completely OK and working and in a supported region also.
Brave Knows this Bug or not ?
If not please help …

@Kay146 What region are you in? Also, if you feel comfortable sharing a link to your site/content, I’ll check to see if it shows verified for me. Feel free to send to DM rather than here if you want to limit anyone seeing link. (there’s actually a bug they are working on now where some verified didn’t show as such. I’m wanting to test and see if that’s your issue or if it’s something else)

the uphold connected to this is of Canada which is supported . tell me if anyone shows this as verified .

OK, so that is not the same glitch that I had found and reported earlier. The one that I had found worked to where it showed unverified if you used the Release version of Brave, but it would show verified on Nightly.

As you stated, yours is showing unverified on all. Just to be clear, your Uphold has always been Canada and you’ve never used documentation (such as passport) from elsewhere?

If always Canada and all documents are Canadian, then you will need to submit a Creator’s Support Ticket. However, if you might have used a passport or something from a different country, then the priority likely needs to be updating that with Uphold.

previously gemini was connected to this account but only for few days cause it is a new account and then gemini became unsupported so i connected uphold . AND saying about the documents , it is all of canada . Also after the unsupported region update i was showing verified when i connected uphold and started recieving contributions . .

So OK I am raising a ticket

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