Still waiting for my website to be a "verified creator"

I have been waiting for a response from ticket 170313 on 12/12/22. I am still not a verified creator as of 1/10/23.

This is the last message I received with no further updates:

Alfredo (Brave Software)

Dec 20, 2022, 8:08 AM PST

Thanks for your patience, this issue should hopefully be fixed later this week.
Once I know more, I will reach out.

Brave Support

@TokensSquare Just out of curiosity

  1. Are you verified with Uphold or Gemini?

  2. What country did you verify with? (Your passport and all that you used to verify your Uphold/Gemini account with, where is it from)

I am verified with Gemini (at least, I haven’t discovered any issues with Gemini). I’m in the US.

@TokensSquare Okay. Just asking because for some, that’s the main issue. Brave is limiting which countries can be verified at this time. Wasn’t sure if that might have been part of your problem or if it was something else.

Guess let me tag @SaltyBanana and @Evan123 to see if they might be able to follow up for you.

Hi @TokensSquare thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I do believe there is working being done to resolve this matter in regards to Creators with a Gemini account.
I will follow up with our team to check on the status if this issue has been resolved over the holidays.

In the meantime, could you try disconnecting and reconnecting your custodial account from your Creator account and tag me in this thread if your channels are still appearing as unverified?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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I disconnected and connected to Gemini. Still showing unverified on both my website and Twitter accounts.

@SaltyBanana Not sure if they had submitted under Creators, but they did mention already submitting ticket. In case you missed it, wanted to tag that here. (When I tested in the past, Creators tickets didn’t get a ticket number. Not sure if that got changed)

Yes, I completely missed that at the top. Found all the information required.
We’re looking into the matter.


@TokensSquare you should be all set. Do give it some time for it to update.
If you have any issues, do not hesitate to tag myself → @SaltyBanana and we can take another look.