Channel not verified?

Hi all! My YouTube channel is currently displaying as unverified. Any idea how to fix this?
A couple relevant screenshots below:

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @jeremysitlab, can you DM me the email linked to your account. Thank you!

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Is there still an ongoing issue?
My website says it’s not verified in the browser, but the creator profile seems alright and also says its verified.
Just brave itself doesn’t.

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Did you get any help regarding this issue?
Is it still an issue?

Yes it is still the same, it has been happening for 2 weeks and no fix.

  1. Helps if people can create their own topics. As we start getting multiple people posting about issues, it can be hard to track.

  2. When making your topic, please include which country you’ve verified your Uphold/Gemini with. Don’t forget that Creators are limited to the same regions that Rewards is. You’ll still be able to link to Uphold and all, but it doesn’t mean your channel will be Verified. A list of supported countries can be found at

  3. You can always skip making a topic and providing that by simply opening an official Creator’s Support Ticket

No help, it is still an issue.

It would be nice if there would be some status page that shows ongoing issues.
Because right now there are so many reports that it is impossible to say if it is a general issue or if it needs seperate reporting.
I will fill a Creators Support Ticket like suggested.

It got resolved now, after filling a Creators Support Ticket, they fixed it.

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