Want to turn sound on for iOS

Description of the issue:
The website does not play a sound when opening the website on Brave in-app browser for iOS.
(Worked when checking on Mac OS Brave browser)

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Ver. 1.23 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone Xs (Software 13.6.1)
iPad Air 2 Software 14.3)

Additional Information:
Tried both with Shield on and off
iPhone and iPad sound is turned on

Does it work in Safari iOS? Is your device in silent mode?

No, the site does not play sound in Safari iOS as well.
It is coded with

My device was not on silent mode either.


That means we can’t do much about it, especially if it happens on Safari iOS too.
We are forced to use the same web engine as Safari

I see. I will try to think of another way to play the sound then.

Thank you so much for checking and helping out!

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