Brave Browser - Sound not working on one specific website


I’ve been using Brave on all of my devices for over a year now. Today, the sound on a single specific website suddenly stopped working in the desktop browser on macOS. I feel like I hit some shortcut that changed a setting that I can’t find, as it happened right after I mis-typed some keys around ctrl/option/cmd and f8-f12.

Here’s what I’ve checked:

  • The website is not blocked from using sound in settings
  • The website tab is not muted
  • The content of the website itself is not muted
  • Other websites in the same Brave browser have sound that works fine
  • The website’s sound works correctly when using other browsers on the same computer
  • The website’s sound works correctly when using Brave browser on my other devices (which are fully synced with sync chain)
  • I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Brave


  • macOS Big Sur version 11.6
  • Brave Browser version 1.31.87

Any suggestions would be appreciated - thank you!

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