Wallet malfunction

Description of the issue: Long story short I linked my metamask wallet to my brave wallet becasue it said I could try it and unlink if I didn’t like it. I don’t like it. Whatever, not a discussion, just won’t work with anything. Not here to fight, I just want to take brave up on this offer to NOT use their wallet anymore. I want to unlink my metamask and go back to being able to use my account at my leisure. There is not a SINGLE accurate guide on how to decouple these accounts even though they clearly said “If you don’t like it, you can unlink”… I need to unlink. Like yesterday. Thank you

I have the latest version of Brave which I suppose is why none of the guides are accurate. They all say to go to wallet settings and turn off settings that don’t exist(maybe anymore, maybe ever). So, again, freaking out here, need access to my wallet again. Thank you.

You can replicate the issue by linking your metamask to you brave and then not knowing how to unlink it. Not too difficult to do, but don’t believe the warning that says you can undo it easily. Easy is not the word for it.

It says, “You can also import, try the new Brave Wallet and change back at any time.” I want to change back!! This wallet is too buggy, won’t connect to any sites, has ZERO support apparently (forcing me to rely on the community… shaky at best), and DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY!!!1

Okay, I figured it out. I had to transfer all the funds out of my brave wallet, then reset it. Once it was reset I had to quit the brave browser, and restart my computer. Now my metamask is not imported to my brave wallet.

What do you mean when you say it won’t connect to any site? Did you maybe have your default wallet set to none in brave://settings/wallet ?

There is no concept of “linking” to MetaMask, it just allows you to import your seed phrase backup from MetaMask to Brave. It doesn’t change anything for MetaMask. Your seed phrase would just be in both wallets.

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