Wallet import bug

Mac OS Monterey, Macbook M1 Pro, Brave V1.36.117
When importing metamask wallet into brave wallet, the submitted metamask is seen by brave browser as JSON data, and request is refused. My workaround has been to make default wallet none, and set default cryptocurrency to eth - not sure if the latter matters - then use Metamask

Below I’ve pasted the descriptions of the various settings from the Help Center/Brave Wallet FAQ article. I do not know what option should be enabled in this situation, but it may help you make a decision.

Why isn’t my MetaMask or other extension not working with Dapps?

Dapps work by communicating with a special object that Brave Wallet and extensions like MetaMask provide named window.ethereum. Only one wallet can provide window.ethereum to websites. In Brave, we expose a setting in brave://settings/wallet to be able to change which wallet provides window.ethereum. Here’s a description of each setting:

  • Brave Wallet (Prefer extensions) - This is the default. Brave Wallet will expose window.ethereum but allow other extensions such as MetaMask to overwrite it.
  • Brave Wallet - Exposes window.ethereum and prevents sites and extensions from changing window.ethereum .
  • Crypto Wallets (Deprecated) - Gives access to the old deprecated wallet. This option is not compatible with other extensions such as MetaMask.
  • None - window.ethereum will not be provided by Brave Wallet at all. If you have extensions such as MetaMask, is is free to use window.ethereum .

After changing the default wallet, it is best to restart your browser. Why?

  • If you had Crypto Wallets loaded, it won’t be unloaded until the next restart. When Crypto Wallets is loaded it will not work properly with other extensions trying to access window.ethereum .
  • Existing already opened tabs will not change to use the new wallet setting, you need a new tab or a browser restart.

@Chocoholic , Re your reply 2

That is a double-negative. Do you mean:

Why aren’t my MetaMask or other extension working with Dapps?

BTW, your description of the settings, is very helpful, re my attempting to understand the various reported collisions re something “is corrupt”.

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LOL Well, that is the heading of the topic in the Help Center. I just copied and pasted it. I guess I can put a quote in front of it, even though I think it looks messy that way. Will change it for you. :laughing:

Edit: Actually, looks fine that way. I don’t know what I was doing before that made it look a mess!

@Chocoholic ,

Brian Bondy:


recently said:

"There is an option here to make the deprecated crypto wallets extension available in a new install or in a new profile:


I mention that, because presently, the "Crypto Wallets (Deprecated) setting is not available in [your] list . . . but possibly the flag mentioned by Brian, would restore that setting to the list.

@289wk You do know I am just a community member, just like you? I do not have any privileges to change official documents in the Help Center or here on the Community forum. I was just providing information to the OP per the settings he chose.

He chose “None” and I think (but am not sure), that the default may be a better option. I posted the article because he may not have seen it and as a “nudge” to revaluate available options. In his case, based on his experience, “None” may be the correct option.

Personally, I think a lot of the articles in the Help Center need a refresh. A lot of them are outdated and/or too generic. Of course, that probably has a lot to do with Brave still making major changes with each version install. The documentation lags behind updates and is not as robust as it could be.

IMO, just as other users have stated, Brave needs more support staff or at least a true Help Support Center. It also would be nice if they had a true forum administrator and dedicated personnel updating official documentation. There are too few staff personnel wearing too many hats to the detriment of the users. Again, just my opinion.

I think I’ve gone way off topic. I would be happy to have a conversation with you about anything you want to discuss. Just create a topic in the Uncategorized category and tag me! Please be aware I might not have a clue what you are talking about! But rest assured, I’ll let you know if I don’t. lol

@Chocoholic ,

You are OK.

I very much appreciate your work here at the Brave Community. And, you are correct about the documentation being out-of-date, etc.

Recently, a couple higher-ups expressed their views re the Brave Search Engine:


I wish that the Brave Search Engine would find the Brave Help Center a center of attention, and as popular, as their theories about how a search engine should respond (be appealing).

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