Missing Metamask extension - Wont Work in new Brave version (MaCOs Catalina)

I installed for the first time Brave, and added the Metamask extension …
but I went I tried to use it in IDEX i have a pop up saying Missing Metamask extension - I check my privacy settings, in both browser and i havent see any option to allow the extension being recognized or detected , so it should be working fine.

i uninstalled and reinstalled , browser and extension, but i am still getting the message :: Missing Metamask extension ::

Hi @kraashar, Welcome to Community!
If you don’t know, we have Brave Crypto Wallets (brave://wallet/)

Crypto Wallets may cause some issues if you’re also using metamask, if you would prefer to use metamask over Crypto Wallets you can try going to brave://settings/extensions, selecting Web3 provider for using Dapps and changing it to ask

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