Brave Wallet wont import from Metamask

Tried to set up the Brave wallet from my Metamask and it wont accept the password. Yes, the password is correct. All I get is ‘JSON data is not expected’. Tried it a number of times but no joy. Doesn’t fill me with confidence to use the wallet.

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It’d be best in your case to just to create a new wallet and don’t try to import from MetaMask. You can do this from brave://wallet.

Thanks but no point in doing that. I’d have to pay to move my crypto between wallets.

I see, I thought maybe you had not setup MetaMask.

Would you be able to run brave with these command line arguments:
--vmodule=brave_wallet_service_delegate_impl=3 --enable-logging=stderr

And then send us the log? Thank you.

I don’t think there’s any private details in the log but please double verify before sending anything in through support.