VNP free trial issues

I bought brave VPN and firewall 4 days ago, with the 1 month package plus the 1 week free trial. I noticed it was really slowing down my wifi speed and figured that the cons outweighed the pros so I canceled within the 7 day free trial. Although I never got my money back and it’s been approximately 72 hours since. If I judt need to wait for it to be processed or I need to contact apple instead I can, on my subscription list it still says that I have it on my receipt as “free” meaning that I’m still within the trial time I’m assuming.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Buy 1 month VPN package on ios device
  2. Cancel Subscription during free trial

Expected Result -Get a full refund
Result -Nothing happens
**Brave Version 1.24

Software Version: 14.4.2
7th Generation

Hey Owen,

You’ve made all the right assumptions here and there isn’t much to add. Your card wont get charged until after you’ve completed the trial, so there is nothing to process in the first place.
To dive a little further into how we handle this during payment validation, this is also reflected for us in your AppStore receipt. The first line item is basically valid for 7 days but the product you purchased is still marked as the 1 month package.
Only after you complete the trial period will your card be charged and a line item added to your receipt by Apple that clearly marks the subscription as being valid for one month with the start date usually being within a couple of seconds of the expiration date of your trial period.

I hope that fully explains your questions. If a charge is still visible on your credit card statement in a day or two please contact Apple’s support about it. All of those matters are handled by them and sadly we have no control over any of this.

About the slow speeds you had experienced, could you please let us know a pretty imprecise location? It can be as inaccurate as you feel comfortable sharing with us. It will help us better understand customer interest and lets us know if we have to improve our network in a certain area. Could you also let me know how fast your internet connection usually is, and what speeds you would have expected by the VPN?


Guardian Firewall

Ok, thanks for the help CJ I will do that

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