Brave VPN accidental subscrpition

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So i signed up for a free trial to try out the vpn service and pay after a month but i forgot to cancel the subscription and my card got charged.
Can i claim a refund?

i’m a uni student and I really need it, hope yall understand .


Not sure. I don’t think so though, since you already used VPN after free trial. I’ll tag @saltybanana @GuardianTeam to look into this. Thanks!

If they refuse to, do let me know, I’ve got some vBAT lying around which will expire soon anyway, so could tip it to you if you’re brave creator.

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Thank you so much for your assistance🙏

Your best option is to contact Brave Support directly. Do not wait for an answer in this community.
You can contact them via the link below


done that, no reply 48 hours later.

tried calling, voicemail.
Emailed nothing

The weekday in the US has started just a few hours ago, especially the work time probably. Team generally works only weekdays.

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Where? I don’t think there’s a calling number for Brave support.

Hey there,

Sorry for the delay. We have a lot of requests coming in and are scaling everything right now to prevent these sorts of delays.
I believe we should be able to refund your charge. I will get in contact with the Brave support team right now to get the process started.

@SmartyAadi cheers for nudging us! Really appreciate your help

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I sent you a DM this morning. Thanks!

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hi got your message just sent a reply

thank you

[+1 650-2**-3351]

thats their number i believe.
sent it under my payment statement.


i appreciate your concern,
you rock!!:pray:t5: