Brave VPN doesn’t provide 7 Day trial, even though they claimed it is

iPhone 12


I wanted to give Brave VPN a try and bought it through the mobile app. It was clearly stated that they give 7 day trial due to check if we like it. Somehow they immediately charged me for the whole month and didn’t give me money back when I decided to cancel this subscription.

I tried to get an email where I can talk to the Brave support, but I found this place instead. I want to know what went wrong and why are they claiming one thing but in reality they do the opposite.

@Fubu Do you recall, if you have used Brave VPN anytime in the past that could’ve exhausted your 7-day trial? Anyway, tagging @Shznakl and @Mattches for more info. Since it’s a weekend, you may get a late response.


I don’t recall that I previously used Brave VPN. I also didn’t see it after I applied the instructions from the @289wk


Note that any questions about pricing or refund requests should be directed at Apple .

I made a refund request to the Apple like you previously added, but I still don’t understand why I automatically don’t get the 7-day trial? I looked in the history and there isn’t any Brave purchased and also I don’t recall anything like that.

You canceled your subscription.

A charge that is pending, might not show, yet, at Apple.

Keep after things at Apple.