Regarding refund of vpn pls help

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—pls help me regarding refund from brave vpn I purchased it by mistake as it was saying trial but it starts without trial pls help :sob::sob:

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@Slayer04 The VPN comes with a trial. It doesn’t matter which device you use, it comes with 7 day trial and then charges. It sounds like perhaps you forgot to cancel or you may have forced the purchase through.

You did not share any information on device type or anything, which makes it hard to help. For example, if you bought it on Android or iPhone, then the subscription would be through the app stores. It is there that you would have to contest and they are harder to get refunds.

If you bought it on desktop (through, then you might be able to get Support to help through a support ticket at

Mine device is iPad Air 5

I asked my friend he says he has used trial earlier but when I clicked on getting trial on same account as it was shown that you can get 7day trial it is not written that you already used your trial and deducted amount directly after saying 5 rupees will only be deducted

Is there any chance of refund

I did not even know that trial is used and on app also it is not shown that your trial is over
Or like snything it shows that you can try trial for 7 days and I clicked

@Slayer04 this may be an AppStore subscription since you purchased this on an iOS device.

Go to Settings > [your name] > Media & Purchases > View account > Purchase History > Scroll to Brave Firewall Subscription(if listed) and hit “Total Billed”. Then click the Brave App Icon and select “Report a Problem” to request a refund from Apple.

If you do not have this listed under AppStore subscriptions, please open a ticket by navigating to the Brave browser Settings > Brave Firewall + VPN > Contact technical support, so we can further assist.