Brave VPN, can i get charged after i cancelled before the trial ended?

Macbook Air M1
macOS Sonoma 14.1.2

I activated the brave VPN service just to give it a try since i was looking for a new VPN and saw that my browser offered one. However, i decided not to use it and cancelled almost immediately (some minutes after). After i cancelled i went to check on my plans to see if i will still have access to the VPN for the rest 7 days of the trial and i saw that i will have access to it until next month (30 days from now). I did put my payment info in order to sign up but i didnt get charged anything since it was a free trial. Now however, I’m wondering if ill get charge the amount ($9.99) after the 7 days of the trial since i see that ill have access to the VPN for 30 days. If yes then what’s the point of the free trial?

Hello! Thank you for this report. You should not have seen any charge past the 7 days since you cancelled within the trial period. The additional time, even past the 7 day trial, is meant to prevent connection interruption and provide a better user experience overall.