Videos of the courses in the OCW MIT(Opencoursesware the MIT) Cannot be played, shields up or down!

Description of the issue: Videos of the courses in the OCW MIT(OpenCoursesware MIT) Cannot be played, shields up or down!
How can this issue be reproduced? Go to the OCW MIT website and try to play course videos from one of the courses.

Expected result: The lecture video must be playable

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 0.70.121 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: I have come to understand that the videos cannot be intentionally played when Auto-play is ‘blocked’. Auto-play, by default, is ‘blocked’. Changing the auto-play setting to ‘Allow’ allows the videos to be intentionally played.
When Auto-play is blocked, clicking the play button won’t play a video. The Dev tools indicate 4 errors at Lecture 1: What is Computation?

Works just fine on 0.69.135. Is there a particular course that you were not able view?

Can you open devtools and check for any errors in console?

Just found the cause; when auto-play is blocked, even when the video is played, it doesn’t start playing.

The videos can not be played when auto-play is blocked. When auto-play is unblocked, the videos can be played.

Am confused. Auto-Play is disabled by default unless the website is on white-list. So the videos on this page would not autoplay because it is not whitelisted. You will have to click the play button for the video to start. Alternately you can manually add the site to the list here. brave://settings/content/autoplay Just make sure you add :433 at the end of the site name when you are manually adding the site to autoplay list. Otherwise it wont recognise and start auto play

@sriram, You are right auto-play is blocked by default. What I am saying is even when a video is deliberately played(not auto-played), it doesn’t start playing when auto-play is blocked. When auto-play is unblocked for OCW MIT and deliberately played, the videos start playing .

Go to while auto-play is blocked, and try to play a video in one of the courses. It won’t start playing. Then unblock auto-play and try to play a video, it would play

Dev tools indicate 4 errors in the page at

Testing on my end, I’m able to visit the site/ video above and view the course with autoplay set to Block or Ask, with default Shields settings.

In Auto-play, for me, there is no setting as Ask, Auto-play has only two settings Allow and Block. Still, for me, the lecture video cannot be played if Auto-play is set to Block. When Auto-play is set to Allow, the lecture video can be played

A .Gif is added to demonstrte the issue

Looks like this is a Windows only issue. The video works as intended on macOS but the behavior you’re describing is accurate with respect to Windows.

We’re working on a few autoplay inconsistencies that this issue will likely fall into:

Hey @Varuna , in brave://adblock Which lists do you have enabled?

@fanboynz At brave://adblock none of the checkboxes checked. .

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