Very nice thing done by brave

So, firstly brave removed india from supported region and now they stopped giving brave ads for people in unsupported region.
Very nice strategy. Good that i don’t use brave anymore.

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Excuse me, what do you mean by no ads for people in unsupported region ?
If you are talking about no ads on android, there’s a bug being worked on.

As for me, I am from India as well, I understand the frustration. But somewhere, I find our own government and people responsible for this. The Indian government has made crypto unviable in India, say many big exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and others. The rules & regulations are not allowing Brave to operate connecting to Uphold & Gemini in India. Also, been seeing a lot of people trying to farm BATs in India, so …

Don’t become a blind supporter of any company.

I don’t trust uphold and gemini. Instead they should use wazirx or binance.
At last they must support all countries and don’t force these type of rules on region like India.

Who knows what’s yet to come. I mean, it wasn’t long ago they said India didn’t look viable.

So they, just as with many others, are trying to make it work. But government is a pain and it could come to restrictions in the future. But you’re right that Binance is at least sticking it out there for now and not really limiting too much.

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If stating facts seems so to you, be it.

Also, maybe it’s you who’s not going to understand and accept facts. Maybe go and read a few articles about what I said and then say something!

There’s been speculations that WazirX might shut down. I use it though, since the others don’t seem to be that good. But do you really wanna risk handing your money to a company that might go down?
As for Binance, yes they seem stable, that’s for now. Noone knows what might happen in the next few months or years.
Also you need I’ll add this

One of the biggest rug-pulls in the industry, cheating thousands of their loyal clients out of their earnings.

I am however very thankful for the deplorable way in which Brave management have treated this whole issue, it has forced me to look for an alternative after being a loyal supporter of Brave for over two years. Downloaded Vivaldi and I’m major impressed. Can kick myself for sticking with Brave for so long.

Brave is no better than all the other browsers with adds as they make you look at adds for which you will never get paid, so they are no different than Chrome or any other.

Vivaldi has no ads, built in email and calendar. Hell I can even sync all my Apple calendars and reminders. Go check it out, you will forget about Brave within a day.


Yes, BIG CHEATERS the Brave developers.
I’m in a suported region and now they came up with a story “your country doesn’t match”.
And all os a suden they stole your earnings off the month??!!
Next program to remove from my PC


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