BAT disappeared again

I’m from India & it happened again just like i didn’t received reward claim for May month i didn’t received reward for June as well i know currently India isn’t supported but we’re not even able to claim the BAT we earn. This is so frustrating Brave team do something about it. I’m attaching 2 photos before 7th of June and today’s

Hi @Sagar01 welcome to Community :smiley:

Could you kindly submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

I connected them last month too since i didn’t received payout last month too…but they don’t know either

Were you verified and logged-in in brave before the new supported region notice? Cause I can still see the “unverified” at the top.

Yes, before unsupported region matter i was connected to uphold

As you are from India and logged out. I don’t think anything is coming through anymore.

Until there’s any update on this situation with India. I don’t think the Payouts are gonna work properly, especially for people who were verified before and are now logged out.

The support from Gemini/Uphold for Brave in India is no more. Brave Rewards as alone is still operational in India and so are these wallets. You just cannot use them for BATs that you are currently earning through Brave Browser.

There’s also a new notice for Uphold holders incase you haven’t noticed. Read it through.

So you think since i was varified and now logged out that’s why I’m not getting rewards claim…but here’s the thing i can claim rewards on my laptop just fine only in mobile browser that I’m not getting rewards don’t know what’s the issue here😐

one more reason for leave brave i think…

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