Brave rewards unsupported regions query

any idea when Brave will grant access to link gemini to brave rewards in India? contacted Gemini, they say that they don’t know when or if Brave will support India to link Gemini again. Please let us know about the progress so far and if Gemini will be granted support again, thank you.

Just keep and hold your BAT until they support India again with Gemini there’s nothing brave can do if Gemini restrict some countries to use their services

Nope, I contacted gemini prior to this. Gemini support says they don’t know anything about when and If brave will support gemini in India. So the issue is from brave’s side.

Not true. Unfortunately Gemini support that you speak with is generally a “call center” type of thing where they only have generic information. India is still a supported region for Gemini so that’s what they’ll see. The reason I’m saying that as I am is because prior to Russia and all these others that were excluded from Gemini and Uphold, Users were being told by Gemini Support that their accounts would remain active and all was fine…even though warning had been given by others. As you can see now, that wasn’t true and they did indeed restrict funds and prevent new accounts.

The way which BAT was being sent to Gemini changed. Yet in addition, there’s been a lot of issues with User fraud and other activities. With all of that combined, Gemini decided to restrict which regions would be able to link their Brave accounts while they got things situated. This was primarily a Gemini decision, though it resulted from information and discussion with Brave.

so we have to shift to uphold now ? please chose binance, it is very efficient one.

I didn’t say that. What I said is each place has its own rules of who they want to let connect. If Uphold allows you and Gemini doesn’t, then Uphold is an option for you. Otherwise you wait until Gemini opens to you again, however long that might take.

ok i will try with uphold rn

if you are in india uphold is not available

When will this issue will be fixed


When will we expect resolving this issue? Is it a months or Years?

Nobody knows. There’s a lot of stuff going on. Just like Brave announced they will be adding another option outside of Uphold/Gemini soon, but they haven’t told us when. They also didn’t reveal whether it might be able to resolve some of the issues regarding unsupported regions.

I mean, Philippines and Vietnam has been since January, so 7 months. I highly doubt it’s going to be a quick turnover, especially with so much fraud coming from India lately.

yes bro me from india not getting any info from brave support

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