Brave lied to indian users

It’s already been end of the month and holidays are coming up. Still they didn’t added India to supported region.
They always say India is on high priority but in reality it’s a lie. Lot’s of other countries got added but we are still waiting since 6 months.

Also, make it easy to transfer BAT to another phone or pc so that we can easily switch to new device.


That’s coming next year.

Nah, not a lie. You do realize that Uphold has restricted India, right?

Many of the countries not added yet or were recently added are in countries that are restricted by Uphold and Gemini.

Add into that all the uncertainty about crypto in India as government has talked about banning or strictly regulating it, the huge increase in taxation over crypto. I mean, you have 1% Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and 30% crypto tax.

Finally, plug in a lot of issues that occurred regarding high amounts of fraud in the area.

Brave has been working on getting it back in, but there’s a lot of barriers.

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As i already said don’t make promise you can’t complete. There are many other crypto wallet which are better than uphold or gemini. Like wazirx which are specifically for India which we have to use. On the other hand Uphold have too much transfer fee which is unbearable than the 30% tax on the profit share(Yeah the tax only apply on the profits). Uphold pretty much hate Indian citizens. They banned a lot of Indian accounts in the past. So, it’s not a new thing that they added our country in blacklist.
Really brave it’s a time to launch your own better wallet not the old one which isn’t even beneficial for us. Or add a way to directly transfer our BAT money to our bank account.

Seriously one of the main reason of brave success is brave rewards that’s why you had too many users before june.
Because you know many browser have ad blocker and many other security patterns like TOR.
So, make brave rewards available for everyone specially India. Because most of brave users are from India.

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Who made promise? All they said was their goal was to add as many workable countries as possible by the end of the year. Nobody ever promised a thing. Many people bombarded with questions and Brave announced what they were attempting, but that was never a guarantee…just saying.

If you think that Brave is always lying then you should stop using Brave Reward like me and spend time on your work and not any third class reward Programs like Brave Reward.
and Brave is a good browser that should be used only as a browser and not as an earning source.


I use 1dm browser because it’s better and it have best downloader. Firebox on pc, because it’s more light and doesn’t use chromium as a base.
Brave sucks without rewards just check which category have most number of the post ratio.
Also, you don’t have to use brave 24/7 to get ads.
Don’t tell me what should i do instead ask them to improve their faulty system.

they did promise many times that earned vbat would be withdrawable for everyone. if they don’t get a region verified before the changes coming then that will certainly be a lie.

That isn’t true. Changes in February is just that you will no longer be able to earn BAT if not in a supported region. According to Chriscat, all BAT you have in your browser will remain.

Also, they have talked in the past as if Rewards card and all will be getting moved over to Wallet. Originally they said Q1 but they now are saying starting project in Q1 and aiming to have it released at end of Q1 or early Q2. This would allow a backup & restore option, essentially. But not sure how that works with the other changes surrounding Rewards

When? I haven’t ever heard them say that people will be able to withdraw BAT without verifying first. They have long said KYC/AML is required and they aren’t going to do it themselves. Such as at

And they have been trying to get things squared away and add India again. Brave also has been trying to work on some contracts between them and other exchanges, but obviously haven’t been able to reach agreements quite yet. They did say in June one was on the way, but we don’t know what’s going on with that. No news of the deal having fell through but also no details of which exchange or when it will arrive.

Only leaving this note because sometimes people see/hear the tone in what I write differently than is intended in the communication. So for anyone reading this, let me specify:

All of this comment/post is said calmly and questions being asked in all sincerity. Nothing being rude, condescending, accusatory, etc. Everything being said is just casual conversation, asking questions, and pointing out what I can remember.

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