Brave Rewards support In India Region

Hi, I have been wondering since my friends group and many people i know have started using Brave browser so I would like to request brave team to allow brave rewards in my country too .

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They allow you to earn BATs only thing is you can’t withdraw them out of the Browser since India isn’t supported for verification as of now.
Don’t worry, Brave is working on getting most workable regions back by the end of the year. And at this moment they are prioritizing Brazil and India so it could be soon, don’t know how long though…

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Since when Brave stopped services in India? Unable to find it in the provided countries list as well.

Please refer to this link for the list of non-supporting countries.

Umm somewhere around July I guess, don’t remember exactly.

Yes, that’s because, the countries supported are there, only.

That’s the list for countries where UPHOLD isn’t offering service. The rewards region unsupported is more from Brave’s side. Uphold still sees India as a supported region for transactions, but Brave doesn’t support India for REWARDS VERIFICATION AT THIS TIME.

Sad to hear this. Pretty bad thing for all the Indian users.

Don’t worry. Brave is working on getting things solved. Brazil and India are being the first priority right now.

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