When is brave Ads coming to India?

When is brave planning to start brave Ads in India ? Have been using browser for past 3 months and have invited all my friends but they have been disappointed as there no ads to view. My cousin in Australia gets brave Ads daily but there are no ads in India yet, any plans on launching brave Ads in India ?

@ibitcoinist more regions support is coming. Thanks for your patience.

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I live in Mumbai, India and I’ve started getting ad notifications since 15th Oct on my android phone daily for 3 days now. I think you need to check out your browser settings and need to enable ads.

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I have been seeing fews on mobile version but none of them are paying BAT tokens. My ads settings are active.

ibitcoinist, you should go in brave rewards, then go to " ads", below click on details, you will see " future pending rewards" there and how much BAT you’ve collected or earned on clicking the private ad notifications will be shown in US dollar value also. Below it, the next month date ( Nov 5th in my case) when this BAT will come in your wallet is shown. Below that, total ad notifications you’ve seen is updated in real time on daily basis and your BAT value keeps increasing accordingly. My android Brave browser version is 1.4.2 and Android version is 7.1.1. But I guess on earlier android version also this works.

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Perhaps a VPN could do the trick? In other words, make Brave think you’re in the U.S.A. Or another country that have Brave rewards. Worth a shot. Couldn’t tell you if this week work

@Subhash @ibitcoinist latest version 0.70.x on desktop added Brave Ads support for India. :slightly_smiling_face: