Status of Brave rewards in India

Hi, I am new to brave rewards community. I wanted to tell I am getting less ads in India as used to earlier. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem in India . Also what is the status for getting payouts in India ? Has brave entered into partnership with anyone ?

Hey there. You can track active ad campaigns at

Well, that is absolutely normal. The number of ads in a region is always changing and depends on how many organisations / businesses want to advertise in your region (I am from India as well, so yea I do agree that the ads are less compared to earlier but that’s normal).

They are working on it still. They sincerely are. No updates about that yet. Last update was somewhere in January I suppose, on Twitter from Brendan Eich, he said they are working with a new custodian to bring India back ASAP but no timeline and can’t hint any more info.
You can find latest info at

I think India is not supported for rewards.
Why would you opt in for ads?.. Just curios.

but the ceo of brave officially tweeted that his team was working on it

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I opt in cause I am still connected to Gemini on three devices, fortunately. So able to earn something. Also, I believe that Brave won’t lie about the vBAT going to creators so just gonna see ads to help creators!

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Oh, i understand, if you were previously connected to any of the custodial, even if now is unavailable(as creator), as user , you still can earn BAT or vBAT?

As a user you’ll only earn if you are connected to a custodial Partner. If you’re not then you won’t earn vBAT henceforth. Even though you can’t earn, if you have rewards on, you’ll get brave private ads but the proceeds or earnings will be then distributed between brave creators

Ohh… I get it now.
But let s say, that most websites i am “surfing” are not verified creators, would mean the rewards goes “randomly” on existent creators? Is there a criteria?
As verified creator, i am interested to “know” who are the “donators”.

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