Very new to the internet and trying to figure out this BAT thing how do I get adds and is anyone actually making money? Thanks so much

Hi How and does thus actually make money worthwhile for time spent

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Hello, @Wisdom14sophia. Welcome to the community. In order to earn BATs, you just have to activate Brave Rewards in your devices with the browser. You have sponsored images (they appear in the homescreen) and ads notifications. At the end of the month the payout will start. Earnings may vary according to your location.


Thanks so much I am crippled and trying anything to make money Bless you


While you navigate the web, you’ll receive BATs. However, it is important to mention that you won´t get a salary out of this, but it’s really nice when a browser has multiple functionalities and you also get paid for using it.

Thanks even 10$ a week would be worth it it can be converted to crypto is what I understand thanks so Much is so confusing

Hello @Wisdom14sophia

just wanted to add my 2 cents here

how to get BAT:

  1. by activated the ads reward system (do not expect to get more than 5$ so it will be less than 5$ a month) you have 2 option to get your BAT here:

    a) get your bat to your built in wallet of the browser but those BAT can be used only to tip creator with it or save it (be careful in case if you lost you browser profile maybe for reinstall your os it will be lost)

    b) to have an uphold/gemini account (there other one but i not remmeber now for japan users) then link your account with brave reward then your BAT will be send to your account and you can use those BAT in tip or exchange to fiat currency or any option that your uphold/gemini offer it allow you to withdraw it to your bank also but all from your account

you will get your BAT starting from 5th of each month for all BAT you earned from the previous month so next 5th jun will give BAT for all you earned from 1 dec to 31 dec also notice the payment process take time so it start on 5th or later and can tke around week or even more to pay all users

  1. being a creator (have a verified blog/youtube/twitter/github/) and user tips you then you will get those BAT but you need an account and to verifiy your creator account for more details check this the amaount of bat depend on how many user willing to tip you so that your way
    for creator you will get paid monthly the payment start after the ads reward payment finish

brave release a new brave wallet they said in future they would allow to send your BAT you earned from ads reward directly to your brave walet without the need to have gimini or uphold but no estimation or requirement for how that will work since brave required by low to apply to kyc rule for more details about brave wallet check this

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your time I know it has value. I just appreciate you for taking me to understand what this is I am not a technical person :grin: Best wishes to you for Abundance

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you welcome :slight_smile:

glad to help and thanks a lot and you too :slight_smile:

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Following! I am smh, wondering the same thing @Wisdom14sophia

If you look up there stock numbers they are trash and continued going down in Value this to me say Goodbye to the BS Best wishes to you and yours

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Thank you much, and to you as well!

I did not make any money last november. The funds should have been transferred to my Gemini account but it is still empty with zero Bats and on the Brave dashboard the acquired Bats aren’t visible anymore. I didn’t know of this bug otherwise I would have made a screenshot…

I’m waiting for my pay yo just chill take a dab.

As customer of this product my patience reached the threshold because payouts are completed for Brave Ad Reward → * Verified Gemini wallets: :red_circle: Payments Completed.

how long did it take to earn this ? It’s huge…

@Bontrop yea, i hope mods help.

this is 30 days and it’s creator tips.

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That’s unfortunate and understandable.

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