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Hi, does anyone know why in brave creators it tells me that I have 0 BAT and actually I have 7 BAT? Above 5 BAT are needed to withdraw money in brave creator :frowning: help me
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Hi @BessoneB - the top screenshot if from Ads, not referrals.

Both these things are completely different.
The first screen shot is of the brave browser wallet in which u receive all the payments for the ads you receive. If you have a uphold wallet connected and verified to this browser wallet then you will receive all the payments directly in the uphold how small they may be.

The second screen shot is from the brave publisher account which is for you to receive tips from user who like your content and for the valid refers you do.if you connect a verified uphold account in your publisher account you will receive the payments every month if you collect more than 5 BAT somehow, else the collected BATs are transferred for next month till you finally reach the 5 BAT requirement.

Hope this answers your problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you. Is there any way to get BAT from referral?

Yes, You get people to download brave with your referral link.
You need a twitter, YouTube, or Reddit account to connect to the brave creators dashboard in order to get a referral link.
Once you link your account in the brave creators dashboard you will get a referral link that you can provide to people.
Once people download and use Brave with your referral link you will receive a payout in BAT tokens on the 8th of each month.

I already know that. But it appears to me that I need at least 5 BAT to receive the payment. How do I get those BAT?

There is no way you get referal Or tips if the total is still less than 5 BAT in publisher id… So refer 2 friends and ask then to be active users for 30 days… This way you will get more than 5 BAT which will be deposited in the uphold wallet

If you don’t make 5 BAT in just 1 month the amount you have will not expire it is transferred to next month. So dont worry just try to do refers and create good content on your pages so that u get tipped.

okay bro, thanks :))))))))))))))))))))))))

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